Irrespective of your profession, work, or family role — each of us deserves a God ordained quality life.  Individuals, families, small business or corporations — stand on equal footing in terms of access to quality life.

Start by preserving your gains.  You worked hard on your achievements — protect those gains and assets against any eventualities.  Keep a healthy life with access to the best healthcare system in the planet.
At 365CoverMe, we aim to offer you options towards achieving quality life for all.

Our network of Licensed Advisors will assist you to navigate and provide you access to innovative insurance solutions that are affordable, sensible, and sustainable with your circumstances.   

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Corporate Group Plans and Employee Benefits

  • Review your current setup
  • Understand your requirements — match policy to your needs; take out those that you never or seldom use
  • Setup Group Plan 
  • Reduce overall cost and optimize benefits package

Workers' Compensation

  • Accidents happen in the workplace
  • Are worker’s adequately protected?
  • Is there income protection when accidents happen?
  • Align your employee benefits package to include worker’s compensation
  • Model a responsive policy with low cost premium at optimized coverage

Short or Long Term Disability

  • Under 3-months short term 
  • Long term disability packages (greater than 6-months)
  • Income replacement (upfront paid or monthly installments)
  • Lower monthly premiums, low deductibles

Individual, Family Supplemental Health Plan

  • Individual and/or Family coverage
  • Voluntary Supplemental Health Plan
    (over and above your employee benefits package)
  • Coverage for dependents 
  • Low premiums, lower deductibles

Dental and Vision

  • Voluntary supplemental coverage
  • More clinic visits
  • Coverage for dependents
  • Lower premiums, lower deductibles

Home and Auto

  • Consumer Home and Auto
  • Zero claim credits
  • Family coverage discounts
  • Multi-vehicle discounts

Commercial Fleet Vehicles

  • Commercial vehicle coverage
  • Accident benefits in and out of work
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • Lower premiums, lower deductibles
  • Carrier credits on unused coverage

Term Life / Universal Life

  • Term Life / Universal Life
  • Income generating plans
  • No medical check-up plans
  • Final expense plans
  • Term Life plans less than $30/month 
    — cheaper than a coffee-a-day

Commercial and Business Insurance

  • Business recovery from catastrophe
  • Asset protection coverage
  • Lower premiums, lower deductibles
  • Carrier credits on unused coverage
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